Twisted ASBK Interviews | Matt Walters

Twisted ASBK Interviews

With the current break in racing activity we thought it a good idea to start rolling out this series that I have dubbed ‘Twisted ASBK Interviews’. 

This is a somewhat comedic departure from the norm that hopes to shed some light into the personalities of ASBK Superbike riders.

Some of these were conducted in person at the track earlier this year, while others were conducted more recently over the phone. 

A few of them certainly got me laughing out loud and I hope you view them through the prism of good fun they were taken in. This time around it is Matt Walters turn to answer the curly questions. 

Matt Walters Who is the dirtiest rider you least trust when racing against?

Matt Walters: “Brad Swallow in our KLX110 Cup at home. Who would you most like to punch in the ASBK paddock?

MW: “Not too sure, but I will have a crack at any of the top five.” Who would you least like to be punched by in the ASBK paddock?

MW: “Troy Herfoss, but if I reckon he got beaten at home (Wakefield) by myself it would be a good reason to have it out.”

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SBK Q Parc Ferme Matt WaltersMatt Walters – Image by Rob Mott If you were stuck on a deserted island, which rider would you choose to be stuck with?

MW: “Cru Halliday, seen him drink at the Cessnock Postie Bike GP.” Who is the king of swiping right during ASBK race weekends?

MW: “Cru Halliday.” Which rider has the hottest sister?

MW: “Hmmm...”

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island SatAM Matt WaltersThe Cessnock Kawasaki team… Matt Walters and dad Carl…. Who is the biggest princess in the ASBK paddock?

MW: “Kelvin Reilly.” (BCperformance Kawasaki Manager) Who has the most fitting nickname in the paddock?

MW: “Wayne-Train.”

ASBK TBG Rnd Morgan Park Matt Walters TBGMatt Walters at Morgan Park in 2018 – TBG Image What is the worst track ASBK visits?

MW: “Winton, I crash there every year.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK TP Matt WALTERSMatt Walters – Image by Rob Mott Which corner on the calendar is your favourite?

MW: “Phillip Island Turn 12, best feeling ever. Which corner would you liked to see nuked from orbit?

MW: “Morgan Park Turn 7.” If you could overtake one rider, on one corner, who would it be, and where, and how?

MW: “Murray Sayle at the Oran Park filp-flop at the top of the hill, just so I could say I did.” Which animal would you most liken yourself to?

MW: “Shovelnose Shark. Won’t go away and always a pest at the beach.” You need to borrow tools. Who would you ask first? Who would you never ask?

MW: “Brad Swallow if he ever had them. Not sure on the second bit, normally got them all.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Matt WALTERSMatt Walters – Image Rob Mott If you weren’t racing, what would you be in jail for?

MW: “Public Indecency.” If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

MW: “Race until you have nothing left.” How would you describe yourself in three words?

MW: “Ask me anything.”

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island SatAM WaltersThe Cessnock Kawasaki team… Matt Walters and dad Carl…. If you won a million dollars on Lotto what would be the first thing you would buy?

MW: “Land for my own racetrack.” If you could keep one of your race bikes from throughout your career which one would it be? And why?

MW: “My 2011 ZX-10R, most of my life’s best memories were on that bike.” What is your plan for life after racing…?

MW: “I would like to keep riding and be involved in the sport as it is something I love.

ASBK TBG Round SMP IronMan Matt Walters TBG FinalRndMatt Walters – #1 Australian Superbiker Privateer and Ironman award winner in 2019 – TBG Image

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