This Is MotoGP™: Evolution, by Alex Rins

To me, evolution means to keep growing. In the end, we spend all our lives in evolution: from when we’re children until our lives come to and end, it’s constant. When you’re younger it’s quicker, and as you grow up the process slows down. I started doing motocross when I was little and from there I moved on to Supermotard. From there, again, to miniGP, miniGP50, then miniGP70…from tiny tracks growing to much bigger ones like Montmelo, Cartagena, Almeria, Valencia, Alcarras…and once on those bigger tracks I grew every two or three years in the Spanish championship, to the Moto3™ World Championship, then Moto2™, to MotoGP™. This year I’m starting my third season in the premier class and I’m still in a state of constant evolution. Every day I’m still learning new things, different things, and they in turn help me bring more to the team, as well as helping me go faster.

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