Suzuki “continue working” towards 2022 satellite team plans

“In the same time, Alex came to us and said ‘I would like to stay, I would like to continue with Suzuki. If you’re happy, we can sign the agreement now’. We were happy to do that, but it was a little bit more complicated because how our company works is that we needed to go to our President in May, June, July 2019 and say we have to sign an agreement for 2021. He was probably right, given by what can happen, but he wanted to go step-by-step. So, we had to wait for the right time according to our company procedure. During 2019, you think about the 2020 season and then when 2020 is about to start you can state talking about 2021, things like that. But in our mind with Alex, we were already agreed. We were all happy to keep Alex.

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