Santi Hernandez adamant that 2020 will be full of surprises

We have a group and we try, every so often, to get everyone together and see each other’s faces because it’s really important to be able to be in touch with the team. We have a good relationship between us and I think during this time that we’ve been in lockdown at home forces you to get on even better. With Marc, we talk about things that worry him about taking on this season. We especially try to stay in contact with Japan, with my boss Takeo. We try, more than anything, to talk a bit about what improvements that can be made or what we can work on during the season according to the changes made to the rules, but as it stands we’re waiting for them to confirm when we’re going to get back to work. It’s true that we’re planning some things, especially in preparation for the first race in terms of setup, how he’ll be in the first race after this pause since the Qatar Test, but right now, being completely serious, we’re not talking about anything concrete. First, we need to know officially when we’ll start and, from that point on, we’ll work like normal: conference calls, talking about things we’re concerned about and getting ready for the first race. 

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