Randy Krummenacher wins World Supersport at P.I.

2019 WorldSBK
Round One – Phillip Island
World Supersport Results / Race Report

WorldSBK organisers and Pirelli had made a ruling that forced World Supersport riders to pit during the 16-lap race in order to change rear tyres. This mandate was made in the aim of safety off the back of the Supersport tyres failing to be able to withstand the rigours of Phillip Island.

Jules Cluzel was the early leader before being oversome by Randy Krummenacher and Federico Caricasulo. Raffaele De Rosa set a new fastest lap of the race before a vicous high-side out of turn 11.

As the race wore on team-mates Krummenacher and Caricasulo traded places regularly. While the Italian was running the A option Pirelli front and rear the Swiss rider was on the B option. It was Krummenacher that chose to pit first, on lap eight. Caricasulo came in on the next lap which left Thomas Gradinger in the lead from Okubo. Caricasulo’s exit from the pits was delayed when the rear stand got caught up on the YZF-R6 and dragged down pit-lane, forcing him to stop near the pit exit and wait for his mechanics to run up the pit-lane and remove the stand before he could rejoin the race.

After all the riders had stopped it was Randy Krummenacher in the lead from Cluzel and Mahias while Caricasulo had been shuffled back to fourth place.

Caricasulo got back past Mahias to secure himself a spot on the podium but his quest for a win was gone as race leader Krummenacher was nine-seconds in front of him.

Pit stop rules mandated a minimum period of time to be spent in the pits, to stop crews rushing and perhaps sending their riders back out on a machine without a properly secured wheel. Officials decreed that Cluzel, Van Straalen and Mahias had all stopped for less than the mandated time and would have time penalties added to their total race time at the end of the race.

Randy Krummenacher went on to win the race from Cluzel and Caricasulo.

Wildcard entrant Tom Toparis finished a highly creditable 11th place and earned five World Supersport Championship points.

World Supersport Results
  1. Krummenacher
  2. Cluzel +6.157
  3. Caricasulo +7.338
  4. Barbera +9.918
  5. Gradinger +15.035
  6. Okubo +17.256
  7. Perolari +17.428
  8. Sebestyen +23.595
  9. Danilo +29.007
  10. Cresson +29.017
  11. Toparis +32.009
  12. Mahias +34.503
  13. Van Sikkelerus +34.933
  14. Van Straalen +44.604
  15. Badovini +46.563
  16. Herrera +51.584
  17. Calero +51.594

Source: MCNews.com.au

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