Norton still one of the sweetest sounds

Norton Motorcycles has gone through some strife but the future sounds good now it is in the cashed-up hands of Indian motorcycling giants TVS, but it sounds even better in the hands of a good rider.

And that rider is former racer and now popular MotoGeo vlogger Jamie Robinson (pictured above).

In these two videos he takes the Norton Dominator up LA’s twisting Mulholland Highway.

This first video is just on-board footage where you can really hear and experience the raw sound of the parallel twin with a handmade exhaust.

Great video that shows the smooth lines, throttle and brake application of a tainted rider.

In this video he explains more about the bike and then goes camping with the obligatory burger dinner!

Sweeter sounds

If you think the Norton sounds sweet, it will be music to Norton owners’ ears that TVS will tackle allegations of shoddy materials and warranty claims.

Norton Motorcycles interim CEO John Russell recently told British magazine Superbike they would do their best to honour deposits taken on bikes before the company went belly-up and also hope to honour warranty claims, despite no compulsion in the purchase contract.  

“We’re aiming to get in touch with customers that have problems so that we can develop solutions. We’re open minded but obviously there’s a limit,” Russell told Superbike. 

“We want to be fair and consistent.

“The last thing we want is for people to go away with a negative view of Norton.

“We want to make sure there isn’t a feeling that there are second-class Norton owners who feel they missed the boat because they didn’t get the treatment that future customers will get.

“We’ll go through a technical review to discover what the challenges might be.

“Future bikes will go through the best quality assurance processes on the planet.

“If there are historic issues, we’ll seek to do the best we can.” 

James Mutton Brisbane Motorcycles discountingAustralian importer James Mutton with Norton motorcycles

Australians who paid deposits directly to their dealer have already had their deposits returned.

Importer James Mutton of Brisbane Motorcycles says if customers decided to go ahead with their order, they will not lose their place in the queue for bikes. 


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