Can-Am Launches Womens Mentorship Program

Any way to get more women in this sport is a good thing to us!

Begin press release:

Can-Am is changing the face of riding. The fact that only 20% of current riders are female is…well, not acceptable. That’s why we’ve started the Can-Am Women’s Mentorship Program with the sole purpose of inspiring more women to ride. It’s led by women, for women.

Through inclusivity and education, the Can-Am Women’s Mentorship program is designed to help women overcome barriers that prevent women from riding. Our mentors are an incredible group of inspiring women with diverse backgrounds and levels of riding experience (see above link).

The demand for something like this is vast. Since the soft launch on Facebook, more than 2,500 women have signed up. It’s a place for women to connect over their shared experience and love of riding, as well as a resource for new riders to seek information and inspiration.

Another great part of this program – any woman can go through our extremely popular Can-Am Rider Education Program now for as low as $50 (more details on the promo here).

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