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According to collected data, the number of coronavirus cases in these countries are relatively low when compared with the West, East, and the Middle East, with 11 cases in Gambia, 141 in Liberia, 36 in Malawi, 1728 in Nigeria and no reported cases in Lesotho. Coleman is convinced the low numbers are due to lack of testing in the area: “There are no reported cases in Lesotho at the moment but they are heading for the winter and it is a very mountainous country, it’s very cold there in the winter, lots of snow and ice and those communities will be in their homes and not going out too much. Those are the conditions people are worried about when the spreading is more severe. The number of cases is around 5000 in South Africa, and despite the fact that there are no reported cases in Lesotho, it is unlikely that there are none there.

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