Aiden Wagner takes ASBK Superbike pole | Yamaha 1-2-3

2019 ASBK
Round One – Phillip Island
Superbike Qualifying

The Superbike qualifying schedule was changed today due to lapped traffic causing competitors problems during practice. Superbike competitors were split into two groups, each group with a ten-minute session to decide their places on the grid. The slower half of the field formed Group B who were on track at 1340, followed by the faster Group A at 1355. These changes pushed Supersport 600 qualifying back to 1415 while the Supersport 300 category will now qualify much later at 1655 this afternoon.

That split certainly helped the lapped traffic situation but riders were still battling for track position and a clear spot on the track at any one time.

FP2 pacesetter Aiden Wagner was baulked by Ted Collins early on his first fast lap, but one rider that had perhaps been most frustrated by traffic in FP2, YRT’s Daniel Falzon, did get some clear track and along with team-mate Cru Halliday they were both straight down in to the 1m32.5s.

Wagner though was quicker again, 1m32.191, a new outright ASBK Superbike lap record, and a Yamaha 1-2-3 front row lock-out for the opening ASBK round for season 2019.

Josh Waters heads the second row alongside Troy Bayliss and Wayne Maxwell. Bayliss had suffered a huge tumble in FP2 that destroyed one of his two big twin Panigales, breaking his finger in the process to add injury to insult.

Mike Jones was the final rider in the 1m32s ahead of Troy Herfoss who was eighth on 1m33.03. Glenn Allerton and Bryan Staring rounded out the top ten ahead of young guns Mark Chiodo and Ted Collins.

ASBK Phillip Island Superbike Lap Records

The previous ASBK Superbike pole record stood at 1m32.274 and was set by Wayne Maxwell on a Suzuki in 2013. The current race lap record also belongs to Maxwell, when he was on a Honda in 2009 he set a 1m32.316 to set the race lap benchmark around the circuit.

The opening Kawasaki sponsored ASBK Superbike race of season 2019 is slated to get underway at 1130 on Saturday morning with the second 12-lap bout scheduled for 1615 Saturday afternoon, immediately after the opening 22-lap World Superbike race. The third 12-lapper will get underway after the World Superbike and Supersport warm-up sessions on Sunday morning at 1030.

ASBK Superbike Qualifying Results

  1. Aiden Wagner – Yamaha 1m32.191
  2. Cru Halliday – Yamaha 1m32.552
  3. Daniel Falzon – Yamaha 1m32.572
  4. Josh Waters – Suzuki 1m32.624
  5. Troy Bayliss – Ducati 1m32.759
  6. Wayne Maxwell – Suzuki 1m32.768
  7. Mike Jones – Kawasaki 1m32.806
  8. Troy Herfoss – Honda 1m33.035
  9. Glenn Allerton – BMW 1m33.051
  10. Bryan Staring – Kawasaki 1m33.260
  11. Mark Chiodo – Honda 1m33.744
  12. Ted Collins – BMW 1m34.035
  13. Matt Walters – Kawasaki 1m34.059
  14. Max Croker – Suzuki 1m34.485
  15. Arthur Sissis – Suzuki 1m35.027
  16. Alex Phillis – Suzuki 1m35.128
  17. Sloan Frost – Suzuki 1m35.158
  18. Damon Rees – Honda 1m35.343
  19. Glenn Scott – Kawasaki 1m35.518
  20. Lachlan Epis – Kawasaki 1m35.588
  21. Phil Czaj – Aprilia 1m36.415
  22. David Barker – Kawasaki 1m37.005
  23. William Davidson – Yamaha 1m37.747
  24. Ryan Yanko – Ducati 1m37.890
  25. Matt Tooley – Yamaha 1m38.118
  26. Simon Barbacetto – Yamaha 1m38.767
  27. Brendan McIntyre – Suzuki 1m38.814
  28. Evan Byles – Kawasaki 1m39.194
  29. Heath Griffin – Suzuki 1m39.307
  30. Dominic DeLeon – Kawasaki 1m39.813
  31. Brian Houghton – Honda 1m40.26
  32. Aleksander Savin – BMW m40.391
  33. Hamish McMurray – Kawasaki 1m42.360
  34. Paul Van der Heiden – BMW 1m43.051

ASBK Supersport 600 Qualifying Results

  1. Tom Toparis – Yamaha 1m35.651
  2. Nic Liminton – Yamaha 1m36.723
  3. Callum Spriggs – Yamaha 1m37.178
  4. Oli Bayliss – Yamaha 1m37.340
  5. Aidan Hayes – Yamaha 1m37.713
  6. Reid Battye – Suzuki 1m37.737
  7. Sam Lambert – MV Agusta 1m37.915
  8. Broc Pearson – Yamaha 1m38.072
  9. Ty Lynch – Yamaha 1m38.272
  10. Dylan Whiteside – Yamaha 1m38.771
  11. Jack Passfield – Yamaha 1m38.864
  12. Luke Mitchell – Yamaha 1m39.281
  13. Chris Quinn – Yamaha 1m39.396
  14. Dallas Skeer – Suzuki 1m39.399
  15. Rhys Belling – Yamaha 1m39.907


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